About The Festival


Jamshedpur Winter Fest

The Jamshedpur Carnival, now known as Jamshedpur Winter Fest, commenced in 2013 as an opportunity to bring in diverse communities of the city in a festive celebration to mark a bright & joyful start of each new year. Jamshedpur Winter Fest is an initiative by Tata Steel and supported by other Tata Group Companies including XLRI, Hoteliers Association and other local communities. It has grown to become a much-awaited celebratory event of the town.From a modest start,it is now a mega event of the East!


Possibly one of the few of its kind in India, the Winter Fest is a unique city-wide festival supported by the town authorities - Tata Steel, the Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Co. (JUSCO), and other Tata companies; and it is also a partnership between residents and organizers. A colorful, fun-filled fiesta of events and activities, for residents and visitors, with the organizers making every effort to ensure that the festival is truly inclusive - a celebration that includes everyone. Almost all events, with the exception of one or two, are free and open to the public.

Senior Speak

Community has always been an important stakeholder for Tata Steel. We have always tried to nurture those relationships through various initiatives, including Jamshedpur Winter Fest. The Winter Fest is the time when we engage with the community, and provide lot of avenues for entertainment and fun. Request you all to come, participate and revel! Let us together celebrate the spirit of community, and build a better tomorrow for all of us.


Mr Tarun Kr Daga


Jamshedpur Winter Fest has taken significant strides over the years in establishing a strong community connect in Jamshedpur. Like every year, this year also there is a very interesting line up of a wide range of fun activities for all age groups and stakeholders. I would encourage the residents of Jamshedpur to participate and enjoy the festivities. It is indeed heartening to see the city emerging as a favourite winter destination in East India.


Mr Chanakya Chaudhary

Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel